Publications about corporate income tax

April 19, 2023TestimonySB 5: Reject the R&D Tax Credit
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December 14, 2012Wall Street JournalNike presses for 40-year tax deal in Oregon
December 14, 2012Blog PostBeware "Tax Certainty"
December 12, 2012Portland MercuryNothin' but Net Profits
December 11, 2012The Register-GuardNike bill gets special look
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December 10, 2012Associated PressOregon lawmakers to vote on Nike expansion plan
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April 16, 2012CommentaryThe Forgotten Tax Day Story
April 12, 2012Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2012 Edition
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September 1, 2011Blog PostIf CEOs cared about the economy . . .
April 20, 2011Portland Business JournalTaxation group praises Oregon's 'effective business tax'
April 15, 2011Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2011 Edition
January 26, 2011The OregonianRespect Oregonians' historic "yes" vote
August 25, 2010KAJO (Grants Pass)OCPP's Sheketoff talks tax reform
April 23, 2010Portland Business JournalSpreading rumors about business relocation hurts state
January 28, 2010The NationTrue Populism
October 12, 2009Issue BriefA Step Toward Balance
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May 1, 2009CommentaryI Want Climate Change
September 1, 2008CommentaryA $75,000 Bargain for Oregon Taxpayers
August 1, 2008CommentaryWindow Dressing or Real Reform?
March 14, 2007CommentaryAs Maryland Goes, So Should Oregon
January 30, 2007Commentary"Single-Sales" - A Modern Robber Baron
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October 28, 2006CommentaryIt Will Be A Great Day
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June 6, 2005CommentaryTax Breaks and Secret Spending
May 5, 2005CommentaryIs Intel Bluffing?
January 29, 2005CommentaryBeware the Snake Oil Salesmen
September 1, 2004CommentaryPermission Granted: Take the High Road
December 21, 2003ReportA Small Price to Pay
December 21, 2003ReportPreventing Self-Inflicted Wounds
September 1, 2003CommentaryPicking Up the Slack
January 1, 2002CommentaryEnron and Oregon's Revenue Shortfall
June 5, 2001News ReleaseThe 2001 Kicker, an update
April 15, 2001ReportClearing the Air on Tax Day