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Struggling Families in Each Oregon Congressional District Need SNAP Improved, Not Cut

Fact Sheet
September 19, 2013 Download PDF

There's a disconnect between debates inside the halls of Congress and the economic reality back home. Just as the U.S. Census Bureau releases the results of its annual American Community Survey (ACS) showing widespread poverty, inadequate incomes and too many lacking health insurance, Congress is debating draconian cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps.

The new ACS data on poverty and food stamp program use show the grim reality facing Oregonians across the state: each congressional district has a large share of families struggling to make ends meet. These families need Congress to improve, not cut, SNAP.

The following four graphs tell the story.[1]

[1]Due to sample sizes and margin of error, it isn’t always possible to rank or compare congressional districts to one another on these measures. The differences between districts have not been tested for statistical significance. Rather, these charts are intended to show only the estimated levels and rates within each district.