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Oregonians have one target to stop the GOP tax scheme: Walden

Blog post
December 5, 2017By Janet Bauer

Updated 12/7/17 *

The push to enact the Trump/GOP tax scheme is entering its final stages — a conference committee and final passage in both chambers. Oregonians rightly disturbed by this costly and highly regressive tax scheme should weigh in with the one member of Oregon’s congressional delegation who has supported it: Representative Greg Walden.

Because the House and Senate approved different versions of the plan, they must come to agreement on final bill language. Both versions give huge benefits to corporations and the wealthy, while raising taxes on many ordinary Oregonians. Both versions would exacerbate income inequality, which stands at historic levels. And both plans add a trillion dollars or more to the national debt. For the tax plan to become law, both the House and Senate must pass exactly the same bill language.

House and Senate leaders have formed a conference committee to hammer out the differences, and have the same bill voted on by both chambers.

Rep. Walden is the only member of Oregon’s congressional delegation to have voted in favor of the Trump/GOP tax bill.

Now is the time to let Rep. Walden know how you feel about the Trump/GOP tax scheme. In addition to filling out his comment form, write letters to the editor, blog, use social media. Use every means at your disposal to let Representative Walden know your thoughts.

*An earlier version reported that Rep. Walden had been appointed to the conference committee charged with reconciling House and Senate versions. Rep. Walden has since been replaced on the committee by Rep. Fred Upton (MI).